Health & Weight Loss for the Whole Year, not just the New Year

In this Blog, Bodyline Fitness Nutritionist Emily Fawell asks: Do you start every New Year with the same resolution: to lose weight and adopt a more healthy lifestyle?

Are you worried that once again you won’t find the motivation to fulfil your goals? Are you dreading the restrictive diet and hunger pangs?

If so then maybe you should find out more about zest4life, a revolutionary nutrition and
weight loss programme, which teaches you how to eat for vitality and wellbeing; where
weight loss is a nice side effect to eating healthily; and where the goals that you set
yourself are realistic and motivating.

What is zest4life?

  • A structured 11 week programme which places emphasis on realistic goal setting and measuring of progress
  • A healthy, sensible approach to eating that guarantees vitality, energy and weight loss based on Patrick Holford’s Low GL Diet
  • Classes are run by a nutritionally qualified, motivational coach who has successfully lost weight by following a low GL diet
  • The programme emphasizes positive thinking and provides tools to enable you to determine what motivates you
  • Classes are run in a small, friendly, supportive group setting where there is time for individual attention
  • If this sounds like what you are looking for then why not come along to a one hour introductory seminar next week?

The seminars will be held on Wednesday 11th January 2012 at 10.30am in the Garden Room at The Pilot in Chiswick and at 7.30pm at Gurnell Leisure Centre, Ealing.

By attending the seminar you will:

  • find out why balancing your blood sugar levels is vital for your health and energy levels, and why it is so important for weight loss
  • understand which foods cause blood sugar imbalances
  • undertake a health assessment to determine which areas of your health you need to focus on
  • find out what sets zest4life apart from other weight loss programmes

West London zest4life participants are continuing to see great results: one has now lost three and a half stone, dropped 3 dress sizes, and has lost 29cm from around her waist!
Many more have lost in excess of one stone in just one 10 week term, and are seeing their body fat percentage drop, energy levels, digestion and mood improve.

Here are some quotes from zest4life participants:

“I’m amazed that such small changes have had such great results. I feel like I’m taking
control of my life again!” Steph, who has now lost 25cm from around her waist

“I can’t remember the last time I felt this good” Martina

“I’ve been taking part in Emily’ s zest4life programme for the last couple of months and
I just love it! The support and encouragement from Emily has really motivated me and
helped me to keep going when things have been difficult. The classes are great fun while
being really useful and informative!!” Fiona

Have a look at Emily’s website to read more amazing feedback from zest4life participants or to book your place on the next course:

If you too would like to lose weight, whilst gaining energy and vitality contact Emily at to reserve a place at one of the seminars on Wednesday 11th January 2012 at 10.30am or 7.30pm.

The cost for the workshop is £10, which is deductable from the programme fee should you decide to sign up.




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