Is Your Back Pain Becoming a Real Pain?

In this latest Blog, Mark Williams, Personal Trainer at Bodyline Fitness, gives us a few stats about lower back pain and a couple of simple ideas to help ease it.  If anything Mark talks about here makes you think, why not contact him for a free consultation and postural assessment? Mark’s details are shown at the end of the Blog.

Lower back pain is the second highest reason in the UK for people being off work, it’s estimated that at anyone  time 4.4 -33% of the adult population are suffering with back pain and that 49% of the population will suffer with a back ache for at least 24 hours in the course of a year and it’s also estimated that 90% of people who go to see a health care specialist initially will stop seeing them after 3 months and just learn to live with the pain but have relapses periodically.

Now I know that’s quite a lot of stats to take in so to explain it in simple terms, either you are a sufferer of back pain or someone you know is, and you or them will see your GP or an Osteopath, follow their advice for a short while until it helps and when your back pain re-occurs you will either just take pain killers and live with it or you’ll go back to your health care practitioner and repeat the cycle and not follow the advice they gave you the first time again.

Fortunately most people who do suffer from lower back pain can do something themselves to find a long term solution, a large percentage of the time your pain will be down to poor posture, simply making sure your seat at work is set to the right height will put less pressure on your neck and back, which in turn will place less pressure on your back.

Even how you drive will help you correct any back problems you may have, we (admittedly mostly men) tend to drive with our seats leaning all the way back because apparently it looks cool……., this puts a lot of pressure on the lumbar region of our spines where if you simply raised your seat so your backs and thighs are set more towards 90 degrees this would take a huge amount of pressure off your back.

But it’s not just the men who do things on a daily basis that put huge amounts of pressure on our backs, ladies; wearing high heels will only put more pressure on your lower back. If you wore high heels less and wore flats occasionally this will place less pressure on your calf muscles and the benefits will help to ease pressure off your back.

The best way to make sure your back pain goes away and stays away is through constructive exercise and a postural assessment; a Personal Trainer or an Osteopath can easily do this for you and make sure you are doing the right things to maintain a healthy back.

You can contact Mark via the Bodyline Fitness Website contact page or call him directly on 07917 632 765





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