Ealing Half Marathon

On Sunday September 30th The Ealing Half Marathon finally took place and what a great day it was!!

Previously on this page we have offered advice and tips on training programmes, nutrition and tapering! Now, however, we are just showing a few photos and celebrating a brilliant day!  Hopefully people will be happy to add their own photos and comments over the next few weeks so we can get as many different perspectives as possible. There is no doubt in my mind though, that it was a brilliant day and Ealing did itself proud, roll on 2013!

The official race charity epilepsy action were there in force offering face painting, which this little girls seemed very happy with!

It wasn’t all about the running!

As the owner of Bodyline Fitness I thought I should really run the half marathon, which i did, and then jumped straight in to give other runners a much needed stretch! Turns out it was a silly idea as 20 mins later I took a turn for the worse and had to go for a lay-down!!

Ahh, that feels better!

As well as stretching, Bodyline were offering post-race sports massages with our therapists Cath Barnes and Gabby Bignell. These poor girls were on it from 10.30am for over 3 hours without a break! Great that so many people wanted a massage though.

The massages from the Bodyline team were worth waiting for!


…….and finally, for now, here is the amazing Hannah Norris who has been blogging about her training via her website. Previously Hannah, by her own admission, could barely run for the bus but on Sunday she completed the 13.1 miles around Ealing and raised over £1600 for a young man called Jago Worrall

You did it Hannah!!

So, what a day!! Please feel free to send us your photos and stories from the day as we would love to share them on this page. You can email us directly  info@bodylinestudios.co.uk  or you can contact us through the Bodyline Fitness website