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Hypnotherapy, Who’d Have Thought It??

During the first few weeks of this new year it seems that most of our blog posts have been dealing with more holistic matters; so far this year we have looked at meditation, relaxation, well-being and life coaching. I regularly attend a networking group where one of our members, Jo Simons, is a qualified Hypnotherapist […]

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5 Top Tips to Keep Fit at Half-Term

I first posted this Blog during the February half term and, as we start the Easter break, I thought it would be a good idea to post it again; the principles are still the same whatever the time of year! So, take a quick look and hopefully you can take a few tips and enjoy […]

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My Week with JanePlan

So, I have finished a very interesting week with JanePlan Nutrition. JanePlan, run by Jane Michell, is a company that provides healthy, calorie controlled meals delivered to your door and is aimed, mostly, at those who are looking to lose weight. Now, those of you that know me will realise that i am not looking […]

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New Year’s Resolutions-One Thing You Must Do

In order to stand any chance of keeping your Health and Fitness Resolution alive you must…………… BE SPECIFIC!! If you want to lose weight write down how many Lbs you want to lose by when If you want to tone up, write down how many inches you want to lose, or what size you want […]

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Healthy Body, Healthy MInd!

Taking Time to Enjoy Life

As we begin a New Year, I thought it would be a nice idea to have a Guest Blogger for our first two posts in 2013 and for the theme to be something that isn’t exercise or diet based.  My wife Sarah  is a qualified Life Coach and so I asked her to come up […]

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Weight Loss, Exercise and Being Consistent

This is the 4th instalment of Philippa’s journey towards losing 100lbs in 180 days! Catch up with Philippa here as we will be taking a little “Blog Break” after this one; we will be catching up with Philippa again just before Christmas as she approaches that tricky festive season. However, for now here is her […]

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When The Going Gets Tough

Here is the 3rd installment from our client, Philippa, who is aiming to lose 100lbs in 180 days……….. Best Laid plans………..I even went to body combat, but in the end it was my elbow that did it , then gastric flu. So this is what happened….. Mark clearly started as he meant to go on first thing […]

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180 days to lose 100lbs: A Client’s Story

One of our clients, Philippa, has decided to share with us her challenge to lose 100lbs in 6 months. Philippa will be writing a regular Blog as she and Bodyline Personal Trainer, Mark, progress through the weeks and months. Here’s Philippa’s first post: I have been fat for a great deal of my life. Sometimes […]

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What Stops you from Working-Out?

In my last Blog I started looking at what factors stop you from exercising as much as you wanted to or felt you should do, dealing with “Time” which was the overwhelming favourite! In this Blog I am looking at the other reasons you all gave which were willpower, lack of priority and not knowing […]

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10 Tips to Help you Stick to your Exercise Plan

I recently posted a survey on Facebook asking the question; “I would like to know the single biggest thing that prevents you from exercising as much as you would like to or feel you should” I’m glad to say that there were lots of responses and over the next  2 or 3 Blogs  I will […]

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