3 Ways to a Healthy Body This Summer and Beyond

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Beach Body and Summer Fitness

In two previous posts in our “Summer Series” the overall topic has been not to get fit just for Summer but rather to start making changes now that will last all year round and beyond!  In those previous posts we looked at how important it is to get your head right and to approach your health with a positive mental attitude as well as looking at your Nutrition, which is a massive part of being fit and healthy.

Summer Body or All Year Round Body?

Get in Shape the Right Way This Summer

In this third and final post in this series we look at your exercise and how to approach that part of your life in order to not only be “fit for summer” but all year round and for life!

So, then let’s get to it :

 Ask yourself Why?

Why are you deciding to get in shape now or increase your exercise levels. We refer to this a lot in the previous posts mentioned above but it really is worth reiterating.  You must have a Why or else it’s just too easy to give up.

So before you start on your new exercise regime sit down for 5 mins and write down why you want to achieve your new fitness goals and go a little deep on this one folks; there will almost certainly be an emotional reason for you wanting to make your change you just have to find it.

So, go a little beyond ” I would like to improve my 5 k time/ I would love to complete a 10k/ I would like to look good on the beach…………..Why do you want to do achieve things?

If you have a really strong WHY then you will have a much better chance of achieving your goal.

Summer Body

Be Specific

Have a long-term, mid-term and short-term goal.

Break it down into 4-6 weeks at a time; don’t lose sight of your bigger picture but focus on the short and mid-term in order to get you to your long term goal.

So, let’s say that you do want to complete a 5k in order to fulfill your WHY, then you need to set a date some weeks in the future and then hire a trainer/download a training guide in order to see how you get to that 5k race day.

Do Something You Enjoy

This is as important as your WHY.

Think about what you enjoy doing exercise-wise and then work your goal around this/these activities.

If you love swimming then that will be the best way to help you towards your goal; however, you will have to increase the number of weekly swims and/or the intensity as just doing the same level of any exercise, all the time, will only get you so far.

Now, sticking with Swimming as our example, what you could do is hire a personal trainer for a short period of time to focus on exercises that help you improve your swimming and this works on a few levels :

  • You will become a stronger swimmer and, subsequently, do more of it because you will get better results and enjoy it more
  • You will be challenging your body in different ways as you go through your sessions with your personal trainer
  • Getting results = Enjoyment = Progress = RESULTS

So, there you have it folks, the final instalment in our Summer series of posts on how to get fitter all year round and not just for when the sun is shining!

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