5 Reasons to Hire a Personal Trainer

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So, we are at the end of the first week of January and you may have already started your new year fitness regime or you may be about to! Either way, in this post we give you 5 reasons to hire a Personal Trainer to help you towards your health and fitness goals, because life’s better when you get a little help, right?

In this post we give you 5 reasons to hire a Personal Trainer to help you towards your health and fitness goals:

1. Results – People that work with personal trainers reach their goals, simple as that! Personal training works because you are never left on your own; you work with your trainer during your sessions, of course, but your trainer also guides you on what to do the rest of the week as well with exercise ideas, sessions to do in your gym or at home, activities to do in order to carry on the good work you do together in the gym.

2. Goal Setting – If you don’t have a goal then how will you know when you have achieved it?  Personal trainers understand the importance of setting goals that are realistic and attainable and will set you regular targets to get you towards them whether they be a body fat target, a dress size, waistline measurement or a PB for a 5k fun run. Whatever your goal is, you discuss with your trainer, set systems in place and then achieve it!

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Learn the correct techniques to get the best out of every exercise and session by using a Personal Trainer

3. Nutritional Guidance – Proper nutrition is critical to reaching your health and fitness goals. You will never achieve the proper results you want without working on your nutrition at the same time.  You can’t “out-exercise” a bad diet. Your trainer will be able to guide you on what to eat before and after your workout in order to get the most from your exercise sessions as well as helping you to make the right food choices during the week. If you can hire a PT who is also a nutritionist then you’ve really hit the jackpot!

4. Motivation – It can be very difficult to motivate yourself; a Personal Trainer should do that for you. It’s Monday night and it’s cold and dark and you really just want to go straight home from work and have a glass of wine. Hang on a minute though, you have a PT session that you have paid for so you don’t want to miss it and have to pay anyway, so you go to the gym, have a great session with your trainer and get home not actually wanting that glass of wine because you’ve just worked so damned hard in the gym! Get the idea? It’s really important to find the right trainer that you get along with and will motivate you to stick to the plan

5. Exercise Efficency – A personal trainer can show you how to workout quickly and efficiently in order to save you time when you exercise on your own. Let’s face it nobody likes to spend hours in the gym so, again, a good personal trainer can work you twice as hard as you might do normally in half the time and give you workouts to do on your own in the same vein. Learn ways to work efficiently in the gym, on your outdoor runs or whatever your exercise or activity you choose to do on your own.

So, there you have it,  just 5 reasons to hire a Personal Trainer. I could give you another 5 at least, but I think that’s probably enough for now!

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