Me and My PT – A Client’s Tale

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“So, I’ve just done my first month with my new PT and I wanted to share what I’ve been up to. PT isn’t new for me. I’ve had a trainer since I moved to London in 2010. But something feels different this time. I feel more ready to make some real changes. Firstly I know PT isn’t for everyone. It’s a significant financial commitment which not everyone can justify. I’m fortunate enough not to have any other commitments like kids and a house, so I can manage it.
Everyone’s reasons for having a trainer are different. It’s fair to say that since my early teens I have suffered some crippling self confidence issues and developed a damaging and entirely irrational relationship with food. Luckily this all started to subside when I hit my 30s and with the help of my amazing friends and mum I came out the other side pretty content.

 For me, personal training is not just about exercise. Sure, you’ll never have a better workout than when someone is pushing you. And with a PT obviously comes the comfort that you’ll be doing the right training to meet your specific goals. These people are experts so it makes sense. For me personally though PT is therapy. I wonder if that sounds weird to you or if you can relate? Sod counselling and CBT. I have found all the therapy I need in the gym.

For someone with body issues, an hour a week in which you focus on what you can do rather than what you can’t do is amazing. To have that hour where it’s all about me and my body gives me the chance to spend the rest of my week focusing on other things.  To have someone point out what your body is good at, for me, gradually undoes years of self loathing. I don’t know my PT that well yet but so far he has been kind, friendly, supportive, patient and genuinely interested in me and my goals. He doesn’t take any nonsense though and definitely will not let you off the last set with an eyelash flutter. I learned that the hard way…

So anyway. The facts.

My plan is basic. Ditch the hours of steady state cardio, of running round the streets all day and night doing my knees in and do this instead.

  • 3 weights sessions a week
  • 2 x 20 minute high intensity interval training sessions (sprintervals!)

And that’s it for the exercise. Although sometimes I bung in a 5k round the block when I feel like it.

Diet (and there’ll always be a diet element I’m afraid) is also very simple : 40% of total calories to come from protein and the rest an equal split between fat and carbs. I use My Fitness pal to track and it’s simple.

Also I’ve ditched refined sugar and bread but that’s just good sense.

So in a month what have I achieved?

The scales say pretty much the same thing but that’s cool because:

  • my jeans have got too big!
  • I feel stronger and firmer
  • I’m starting to get people asking if I’ve lost weight
  • I have more energy than I’ve ever had IN MY LIFE!!!
  • I no longer get that mid afternoon energy slump
  • my mood has become much more balanced
  • my skin looks better
  • I’m not hungry all the time despite eating far fewer calories than before.
  • I feel incredible physically
  • I feel incredible mentally

All that in my first month. I know this is hardly rocket science and if you’ve found this post from my Twitter, you’re probably doing most of this stuff already. But I’m very excited right now and I wanted to share what I have been up to.”

How does this compare to your experience of Personal Training? If you are thinking of getting a Personal Trainer has this post encouraged you to do so? Please feel free to leave any comments below.

Jo is trained by Tony Wellford at Bodyline and you can view Tony’s profile on our website

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