Non-Contact Children’s Boxing Classes


childrens boxing classes in ealing


The Boxing Award scheme, developed by Q Shillingford MBE, is taught by our ABA Qualified Boxing Coaches or Tutors (Non Contact) and is a course based on 6 levels of fitness and boxing training for children from the age of 5 yrs upwards.

The children will be taught the skills of amateur boxing, history and rules of the sport, plus the importance of a healthy lifestyle as well learning discipline in sport and having fun along the way!

The first 3 levels are all non-contact boxing fitness classes and these are the classes that we teach at our Ealing studio.


  • Preliminary Award : The Preliminary Award teaches stance, guard, torso movement, footwork, straight punches and self-defence. It incorporates technique and partner work, shadow boxing, skipping and boxing drills.


  • Standard Award : The Standard Award teaches combinations, warm up routines and more complex movements. During the Standard Award, you’re assessed on technique and partner work, shadow boxing, punching on the move, rules and general knowledge.


  • Bronze Award :  The Bronze Award involves technique and partner work, shadow boxing, bent arm punches, pad work, non-contact sparring and incorporates rules and general knowledge.


Each Award programme runs for 8 weeks and at the end of each programme the children are assessed and awarded a certificate of achievement and a medal.


Boxing Classes for kids in Ealing

Classes are all held at our Ealing studio in Springbridge Mews on Thursdays :

4-5 pm     Juniors   6-11yrs

6-7 pm    Teens     12-15yrs

For bookings/enquiries please contact:

Roy Summers  07921 777477

Ali Jamal       07854 757888

All our coaches are qualified ABA England Boxing Coaches

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