5 Tips to get a Better Night’s Sleep

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On a recent journey into work I looked around my train carriage and saw that pretty much every single person was asleep or, at the very least, taking a light nap.

Now, I know the underground carriages can be quite warm and stuffy and this doesn’t help but I had to wonder why are these people so tired in the morning and, assuming that they probably sleep on most of their work journeys through the week, what is going on with their lifestyle that they don’t wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on their day?

In this post we are going to give you five top tips to help you get a good night’s sleep and have more energy throughout your day.

Tip 1 : Get into a Good Sleep Routine


How to get a good night's sleep

Aim to get into a regular routine with your sleeping pattern and try to get into bed at the same time every night and get up at the same time every morning, even at weekends. This routine will help you fall asleep more quickly and more deeply and if you aim to wake up at the same time every morning then gradually your body will fall into it’s own natural routine and you will start to wake up without the aid of an alarm clock!


Tip 2 : Exercise on a Regular Basis

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Worrying about work and stress can be one of the main causes of sleepless nights and being tired through a busy/bad day at the office won’t help so it’s really important to exercise regularly through the week. A good session in the gym. a fitness class or a run round the block canĀ ” de-stress” you and, at the same time make you feel tired in a good way. It will be a relaxed tired from exercising and not a stress tired from a bad day at work. This kind of “relaxed tired” will lead to a better night’s sleep.

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Tip 3 : Eat Well Throughout Your Day


Nutrition at Bodyline Fitness ealingStart your day properly with a healthy breakfast and do your best to avoid sugary/sweet snacks through the day but focus instead on eating 3 balanced meals with some healthy snacks in between each meal. Perhaps focus on carbs for lunch with more focus on protein for your evening meal, but it doesn’t really matter, in my opinion, when you eat carbs or protein.

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Tip 4 : Go Alcohol Free During the Week


alcohol free drinks during the week

Remember, alcohol is a poison! It might be a nice tasting poison but it’s still a poison so you should keep your intake to a minimum. Your liver has to work really hard to get rid of alcohol in your system so if there isn’t any alcohol in your system then it can focus on one of it’s other jobs which is breaking down fat and producing energy!

Enough said I think.


Tip 5 : Get Yourself a Good Bedtime Routine


Meditation can aid a restful night's sleep

As well as hitting the sack at the same time every night you should aim to build in a regular routine just before you go to bed ; this could include the following :

  • Have a warm bath (maybe add in some lavender oil or magnesium flakes)
  • Sprinkle some lavender oil on your pillow
  • Drink a good quality night-time drink like Camomile or valerian plus
  • Take 10 mins for some meditation
  • Avoid looking at your phone or screen in bed, read a book instead!


So, there you have our 5 top tips for a good night’s sleep and increased energy throughout your day.

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