How to get in Shape the right way this Summer

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healthy eating for a beach body

In our current series of posts we are looking at why you shouldn’t focus on getting a ” beach body” for the Summer but concentrate more on gettting in shape for the whole year round.

Last week we looked at how important it is to know WHY you are exercising and not to just be “going through the motions” and we also talked about how important it is to have just one main goal.

In this, our 2nd post of our series of 3, we take a little look at why your nutrition really is the key to your success!

We have seen a lot of new clients coming through our doors recently and I’m sure this is something to do with the Summer coming.  So, when we go through the initial consultation with a new client we always emphasise how important it is for them to work on their nutrition as well as their exercise and,  just to reiterate the point, how important it is to make changes over a period of time; changes that can be sustained.

Whatever you health and fitness goals are, to get the best results from your exercise you must work on what you eat and drink just as much, if not more, than  just your exercise.

For example, let’s say you burn 300 calories in an exercise session and then, “to reward yourself” you have a glass of wine later that evening, well then you have just put back in most of those calories plus a load of sugar and chemicals. However, you if drink a pint of water and eat a small meal of chicken breast, vegetables and quinoa then you have made a much smarter choice.

Protein helps to repair muscles after a workout so you can be ready to train again the next day so a meal high in protein is always a good choice.

So, what should you be aiming to eat in combination with your exercise?

Aim to eat 5-6 times per day, this includes 3 “main meals” and healthy snacks in between each meal. I have listed below some examples of the foods you should be aiming to eat more of :

Breakfast : Eggs, Salmon, Rye Bread, Whole Yoghurt, Fruit, Berries, Porridge Oats

Lunch and Dinner : Salad, Chicken, Fish, Quinoa, Vegetables, Sweet Potato, Cous-Cous, Stir Fried Vegetables, Noodles,

Snacks for in-between meals : Fruit, Walnuts, Almonds, Cashew Nuts, Raisins, Whole Yoghurts

contact-claire-now-to-talk-through-your-nutrition-and-find-out-what-imporements-you-can-make-together-2You should also look to make some small changes and go for healthier alternatives in your diet, so to get you started try these ideas out :

Sweet potatoes instead of standard potatoes

Quinoa instead of rice

Wholemeal pasta, bread, rice instead of white

Porridge oats instead of cereals

These are just a few simple suggestions and guidelines to help you make gradual, but significant, changes to your current eating habits which may just be enough for you right now.

However some of you may wish to look a little deeper, and, you know what, you should do exactly that at some point in your journey towards and fitter and healthier you.

Our  Sports Nutritionist, Claire Desroches can help you get the most from your exercise sessions by giving you an understanding of what happens to your body during exercise and how eating and drinking the right things can enhance your performance and improve your results in and out of the gym.

Claire Desroches Sports NutritionistSo, as you start/continue your journey to a healthier version of you this Summer,  AND BEYOND,  you must get your mental approach right as we discussed in last week’s post and then start eating properly so you can get the most from your actual exercise. which we will be looking at in our final post of this series next week.

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