Are you a freelance Personal Trainer looking for a facility ?


personal training gym ealing

We currently have space for two Personal Trainers to join our team on a freelance basis


What we’ll expect from you :

  • First and foremost you’ll need to be a nice human being who is prepared to help out and work with several other personal trainers as part of a team
  • We’ll expect you to be professional and courteous to clients and colleagues alike
  • We’ll expect you to pay your rent on time, every time
  • You’ll need to be appropriately qualified and fully insured
  • You’ll need to have some of your own clients to get you started with us


What we’ll do for you:

  • We will provide you with an excellent facility and work space for you to work with, and train your clients
  • We will put your profile on our website and pass you clients as and when enquiries come through
  • Our website ranks very highly on google search and ensures that we constantly receive new client enquiries
  • Offer flexible rent payment options


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personal training gym ealing


What our current Personal Trainers say about working at Bodyline :

Kasia Tieplow

Personal trainer ealing

Kasia working with one of her clients


“Working at Bodyline means that I can train clients my way and in my style whilst having the support of a company behind me ; there is always a good atmosphere which means it’s a great place for both trainers and clients alike.”

“Equipment is updated as and when it’s required and there is a constant supply of new clients coming through the doors which means I don’t have to worry about recruiting new clients myself as the marketing team at Bodyline do all this work for me!”

“I recommend working at Bodyline to any PT”

Kasia Tieplow


Jonathan Hudson

Frequebtly asked questions at Bodyline Fitness personal training gym in ealing

Jon chatting to a client during a warm up on the bike


“I have worked at Bodyline for over 10 years and have met some really great people both colleagues and clients alike ; a lot of whom have now become very good friends. Earlier this year I became a company director and have now committed myself to working along side Roy (my fellow director) to take the business forward and help it grow as we enter our 17th year in business!”

“As a freelance personal trainer the biggest concern is always about keeping a flow of new clients coming through and Bodyline took all that pressure of me from my very early days all the way through to the present day, so I can focus on providing top class sessions for my clients and not have to worry too¬† much about where the next client might be coming from.”

Jon Hudson


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