Hypnotherapy, Who’d Have Thought It??

During the first few weeks of this new year it seems that most of our blog posts have been dealing with more holistic matters; so far this year we have looked at meditation, relaxation, well-being and life coaching. I regularly attend a networking group where one of our members, Jo Simons, is a qualified Hypnotherapist and Jo recently gave us all a very interesting talk about how Hypnotherapy can help us all in our daily lives.

Like a lot of people, I wasn’t really sure how Hypnotherapy works and was, perhaps, a little sceptical however Jo’s presentation really opened my eyes as to how helpful it can be in all aspects of life.

Take a quick peek at this very short video from Jo’s website and it will give you a really good insight on just how helpful hypnotherapy can be………..

As most of us know hypnotherapy can help with addictions, phobias, fertility issues etc, but the area that Jo concentrated on with us was “Goal Setting”. ┬áIf you have a specific goal to achieve, personal or business related then you go through a very specific questionnaire (PACER Exercise) which helps you to establish exactly how you will achieve your goal, how you will feel when you have achieved it etc.

I applied the detailed questionnaire to one of my business goals and found the process really helpful in planning out how I will achieve that goal.

Our networking evening ended with a 10 minute relaxation “class” which just focussed on Jo talking us through some basic relaxation techniques whilst some very quiet music played in the background. In a one-to-one session Jo would speak about whatever specific issue was being dealt with.

The hour or so we spent going through our goal-setting and the 10 minute relaxation part at the end really enlightened me on hypnotherapy and, possibly, how effective it could be on the issues I see every day from my personal training clients.

If this blog has aroused some interest you can find out more directly from Jo’s website

I would love to get your feedback on this subject; have any of you used hypnotherapy at all and has it worked for you? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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  • Fran says:

    Hi Roy

    Thanks for another thought provoking blog. I have never tried Hypnotherapy, however as a psychologist and now a communicator I love the way the you tube link you attached makes it so simple to understand.

    The unconscious’ influence on each of our choices and behaviours is very powerful. I wish Jo and all her clients every success in meeting their challenges and taking control of their choices and lives.


    • Roy Summers says:

      Thanks for your comments Fran. Not really understanding too much myself, I also thought the video was really good. Speaking to a few clients today it appears the blog has been quite well received; interesting subject!

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