It’s more about the Diet than the Exercise

By 30 January 2013Latest, Nutrition

In this new year, as a personal trainer I have many clients working with me trying to lose weight and shape up and as I am always telling my clients it is more about the diet than the exercise.

A few of my clients have worked with Jane Michell of JanePlan in order to address their weight loss and nutrition and inparticular one client even had success during the christmas break!

So, although I can ill afford to lose any weight myself, as “there is nothing of me” according to some of my clients, I thought I would try a week of the JanePlan way myself so I could honestly share my opinion with my clients.

The idea behind JanePlan is that you have a detailed telephone consultation before you start and then a few days later, hey presto, your food for the month turns up at your door. What you receive is based on your answers to the questions during the phone consultation, and you then get another call on the first day of your plan.

So, I have duly had my consultation and my welcome call on Tuesday morning and off I went, with Porridge for breakfast, Tuna salad for lunch and chicken and vegetables for dinner. As I am doing this for the experience and not to lose weight I have been adding in lots of fruit, nuts, and veg etc to keep my energy levels up.

I have also decided to increase my exercise for this week, whilst I am following JanePlan; 2 days in and 2 workouts!

So, I have to say that I am really enjoying the experiment so far! It has focussed me on my food and nutrition and made me exercise more regularly than I might otherwise do. My wife and I are very happy that we don’t have to worry about an evening meal for me for a whole week! (Yes, we share the cooking folks!) and I don’t have to think about preparing my lunch each day or try to be as healthy as possible with my shop-bought lunch.

I will let you know how I have fared at the end of the week………….

Have any of you tried JanePlan or a similar nutrition plan? Are you doing your own thing at the moment?  Please let me know what is working or has worked for you by leaving your comments below and if you would like to contact Jane directly you can do so via her website

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  • Jane says:

    I was just busy disagreeing with Roy on this one. Gut instinct told me it’s equally about the diet and the exercise! Well I work in fitness so bound to think in this way so I ranted to Roy about activity/movement being just as important. Then while watching MIdsommer Murders I got bored and switched to see what else was on the TV and I saw a snippit of Horizon on BBC2 and they were doing some experiments on fat and exercise….. The guy ate a big breakfast and then the scientist checked his fat levels in the blood and of course they had risen. The next time the breakfast was repeated with a walk around afterwards… the fat levels had halved! Movement/activity is one of the keys to a healthier life….walk a tube stop, don’t sit down when talking at the coffee machine, have a dance while boiling the kettle! Jane Pilates/Yoga PT

    • I do agree Jane, it is about getting the right mix. I suppose what we are trying to avoid is letting clients think they can eat what they like if they exercise regularly. It has to be a bit of both. Not sure about dancing while the kettle boils though! Have you seen me dance….??

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