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Exercising Outdoors

Just recently we have had some lovely summer weather to enjoy (although as I write this, the forecast for tomorrow is rain!) and, personally, a lot more of my workouts have been done outside lately.

Now, a blog post about exercising outside from a guy who runs a personal training gym might seem a little strange, but there is plenty of time to train inside and, every now and again, I think it’s important to shake up your exercise a little.

Coupled with the weather and my own outdoor training, we have only recently returned from another one of our weekend fitness retreats in the Cotswolds, where every single session is held outside.

Bootcamp circuit class

Ready for an afternoon circuit class at our recent weekend fitness retreat.

Going back to my own training now; approx 3 times a year I take part in Cross – Training competitions which involve completing 10 gym-based disciplines one after the other against the clock and most of these events are held indoors. However, my most recent event was held outside and, as I don’t get into the gym as much as I used to for work purposes, I decided to take most of my training outside for this event.

I trained 3 x week outside and varied up my sessions as follows :

1 x run, incorporating at least 1 hill, of approx 2 miles.

1 x mixed bodyweight circuit in my local park consisting of Press Ups, Squat Thrusts, Burpeeze, Walkouts, Lunges and pretty much any other bodyweight exercise you can think of!

1 x circuit using the TRX over a tree branch; think of any exercise and there will be a way you can do it on a TRX.

For this particuar event there was still a need to train indoors and so I also squeezed in a one session per week in the gym, just for good measure!

The content of your outdoor workout isn’t so important (or at least not in this article) but it’s more the point that you could consider shaking up your gym routine by heading outside to your local park or to the countryside if you can and change the focus of your training during the Summer at least.

For those of you sensible enough to have regular personal training session why don’t you ask your Trainer to design you a programme to do outside for the next 4-6 weeks?

If you don’t have a Personal Trainer then you can ask us here at Bodyline to do an outdoor programme for you!


Fitness results nearly always come from changing something whether it be how you eat or what exercises you do in the gym, so why not take your exercise outside while you can and see what results you get by the end of the Summer?

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