New Year, New You….? Be Specific!

Why cant you achieve your goals?


In order to stand any chance of keeping your Health and Fitness Resolution alive you must……………


  • If you want to lose weight write down how many Lbs you want to lose by when
  • If you want to tone up, write down how many inches you want to lose, or what size you want to be and by what date
  • If you want to eat more healthily, write down how many pieces of fruit and veg you want to eat every day and shop accordingly
  • Get an instructor or personal trainer at your gym to take your Body Fat/Blood Pressure/Pulse Rate and decide on how much reduction in these figures you want by a specific date*
  • If you want to exercise more then write down how many times you can do so weekly and for how long each time

Bodyline Client, Hannah, finishing the ealing half marathon.  A great example of specific goal setting and achievement

Bodyline client, Hannah, finishing the ealing half marathon last year; a great example of specific goal setting and achievement


You will see the common threads here are:

  • Write things down
  • Be realistic
  • Be specific

Why don’t you start by writing down your specific goals, targets and dates for them to be achieved by, in the comments section in this post? That way I can check in with you regularly to see how you are getting along………

*At Bodyline Fitness we are offering free 15 minute consultations where you can get these readings, and more. Just contact us here or call Roy on 07921 777477

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  • Jan Moorhouse says:

    Thanks Roy, good advice. Obviously the reason I’ve not kept to my previous resolutions is that I didn’t write them down.

    Here’s my goals:

    1) Lose 10lbs in 10 weeks (say by mid-March)
    2) Do 10k in less than an hour (achillies permitting) by Easter

    Realistic? Not sure…

    • Bodyline Fitness says:

      Love it Jan! Writing down your goals is a must, they are also very specific which is great. Keep checking in on a regular basis.

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