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Nutrition from Bodyline Fitness EalingAt Bodyline we work with Claire Walker from Active Spirit Nutrition

Why haven’t we got a photo of a bowl of fruit & veg on this page? Well, that’s because Claire’s philosophy about nutrition is that it goes beyond just what you eat and drink, it’s about helping you make informed diet and lifestyle choices so you can improve how you feel, perform, sleep and operate every day.

Active Spirit Nutrition

About Claire

Claire graduated from University of West London with a BSc degree in Nutritional Therapy and set up her nutritional therapy business, Active Spirit Nutrition.   She is a member of the British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT) and a member of the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC).

Your Nutrition Consultation

All aspects of your life can affect your health and wellbeing so an Active Spirit Nutrition consultation will look at how factors such as stress levels, health history, family health history, environmental and lifestyle factors may affect you as well as looking at what you eat. A nutrition programme will then be devised and tailored your specific goals.

What will happen at your consultation

In your first consultation (90mins), we will go through the health and dietary questionnaire that I will have sent you in advance of your appointment. I will then devise a nutrition and lifestyle plan and email to you within 2-3 days for you to follow at your own pace.

A follow up consultation (30-45mins) is always helpful 6-8 weeks later to go through any issues or problems that you may have following the programme or to discuss next stage of a programme.

Your Investment

Active Spirit Nutrition offers Bodyline Personal Training clients an initial consultation at £90 and follow up consultations at £50.

Working with Bodyline

Nutritional therapy alongside personal training can achieve great results, whether your goal is weight loss, improving fitness, building up muscle or endurance training. Claire’s philosophy on nutrition is very much in line with our philosophy on exercise and well-being so Active spirit Nutrition are the perfect company for us to align with when we are talking about nutrition.

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And the photo?

It’s Claire’s favourite place in the UK, a place full of energy and vitality yet calming and relaxing….hopefully how you will feel after a tailored nutrition and personal training programme!

Claire Walker from Active Spirit Nutrition

How to Book

What Claire’s clients say :

I had been suffering from the symptoms of menopause for months, hot flushes 4-5 times per hour, lethargy, tearful for no reason. I didn’t want to go down the HRT route but wasn’t prepared to continue like that. I had a consultation with Claire and she came up with a full list of dietary suggestions and things to avoid. The difference the changes in my diet made were amazing and almost immediate. I am now feeling much better and only occasionally feel slightly hot and for a much shorter duration.”

Jenny, Ealing.

“I had a consultation with Claire as I needed help with my diet. I was pre-diabetic and thus needed to adjust both my eating habits and my lifestyle in order to try and avoid further complications in later life. In the session with Claire, she not only explored my own medical history, but also that of my parents and family and as a result she was able to put together a comprehensive dietary plan going forward. I have now lost weight and feel much healthier and confident as a result of her advice. I would not hesitate to recommend her to others in the same situation as myself.”

Panch, London