Pilates for Back Care & Posture

By 4 February 2012Core Exercises, Latest
backache could be a sign you need to take up Pilates or other exercise

Following on from our last Blog on Back Pain, by Mark Williams, I thought it would be a good idea to highlight how Pilates can help to prevent/improve back pain and improve posture

Pilates exercises strengthen your stomach and lower back muscles as well as improving your posture so why wouldn’t you want this form of exercise included in your work-out?

Pilates Classes Ealing

 Reasons to include Pilates, or at least Pilates type exercises within your workouts:

  • Pilates is much more likely to help you reduce your waistline than doing conventional sit-ups
  • Pilates will strengthen your lower back, helping to prevent possible future injury
  • Pilates will increase your core strength so you can lift more weights, run further, cycle harder etc
  • Pilates will improve your posture, making you look and feel taller

Pilates will improve your balance and stability; this can help you with any sports you play, especially activities like Tennis and ski-ing

So, if you currently attend a Pilates class, Well Done! and please keep going (even if it isn’t with us at Bodyline!) If you don’t currently attend a class find your nearest one and give it a go.

If you don’t attend a specific Pilates class, but have Personal Training then please speak with your Personal Trainer to make sure you are incorporating some kind of Pilates within your Personal Training sessions.

If you attend a Pilates class or have had experience of Pilates within your Personal Training sessions please do leave a comment at  the bottom of the page about your feelings on Pilates and how it may have helped you with your health and fitness.

If you would like more information please visit our website https://bodylinestudios.co.uk/  or if you have any questions please give me a call directly, Roy Summers 07921 777477.

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