Lisa Opie, MBE, MOst, BSc (Hons) is our resident Ealing based osteopath. She graduated with a Master of Osteopathy Degree from the British School of Osteopathy. She is registered with the General Osteopathic Council and is a member of the British Osteopathic Association.

Lisa was also an international squash professional on the world circuit for over 13 years and in 1991 became the first British winner of the most prestigious event in the squash calendar, the British Open, which gained her an MBE.

Her training enables her to assess and treat minor sport injuries, whilst her degree in sport injury rehabilitation extends these skills to offer musculoskeletal management of your specific sport related injuries. Her aim is to facilitate recovery of function and your return to full physical activity.

Osteopathy is a whole system of assessment, diagnosis and treatment of many dysfunctions of the body. It aims to reduce pain and promote normal, healthy function of the body by correcting mechanical imbalances within each individual’s neuromuscular-skeletal system.

How do we treat?

Osteopathy involves gentle and controlled manual techniques using the hands, including mobilisation, manipulation, stretching and soft tissue massage. Some techniques may require the patient to interact with breathing exercises or muscle contraction. Exercise and health advice, to improve quality of life, may also be given. Osteopaths are also trained to assess when osteopathic treatment is not appropriate and can refer for further investigations.

What do we treat?

Osteopathy can treat a wide range of problems including neck or back pain, including sciatica, arthritic and rheumatic pain, muscular spasms and joint pain. Patients having difficulty relaxing or who have respiratory, circulatory or digestive problems can also benefit from osteopathic treatment.

Lisa using Osteopathy tape to help relieve knee pain

Lisa using Sport Tape on a patient to help relieve knee pain


 What will happen?

Your first appointment will begin with the osteopath taking details of the problem, followed by a full medical history. You are generally asked to dress down to your underwear for the observation, evaluation and treatment, a towel is provided if and when required. Before commencing treatment the osteopath will explain her evaluation and diagnosis and agree upon a treatment plan. Treatment usually starts at the first appointment if appropriate.

Lisa offers all new Bodyline Personal Training clients a 20% discount off their first three appointments.

Also visit www.osteopath-west.co.uk to read her regular blogs and offers.

Lisa Opie Osteopath Bodyline Ealing

How to Book

For further information and bookings please contact:

Lisa on 07956 954 093 or email her.

Alternatively, contact us to book an appointment for you.


Lisa's interest in women's health makes her the perfect addition to our antenatal team at The Blooming Bunch. We only work with tried and trusted health professionals with the experience to match their people skills. We often refer to labour as a marathon, not a sprint and Lisa's background means that she understand and communicates the sporting analogy brilliantly. Lisa seems always keen to listen and to learn more. Refreshingly, she doesn't have the arrogance of some medics who feel they know it all!

Beverley Turner, Founder of The Blooming Bunch antenatal classes in Chiswick.