Sports & Deep Tissue Massage

Anna Buckley and Claire Desroches are our resident deep tissue massage practitioners. Sports massage is the scientific manipulation and assessment of soft tissues for the prevention of injuries, whilst maintaining good physical condition and health.These benefits are achieved by improving muscle tone, promoting relaxation, stimulating circulation and producing therapeutic effects on all systems of the body.

Benefits of Sports Massage

  • Provide comfort, relief and a total body experience
  • Extend both the good health and overall life of your “athletic career”
  • Assists with the rehabilitation of the patient to help return them to full fitness
  • Help prevent injuries and loss of mobility in potential problem areas
  • Lower stress levels placed on the body, both in sport and in work
  • Remove the build up of muscular aches and pains


Anna Buckley Sports Massage Therapist at Bodyline Fitness“Sports massage isn’t just for athletes, it can also help to relieve many day-to-day problems that anyone can experience, such as desk work or car driving causing lower back pain.  Sports massage can be performed before activity for a stimulating effect or after activity to help release muscle spasms and knotted tissue, remove toxins and increase flexibility incorporating elements of Swedish massage and deep tissue massage.”

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Claire Desroches Deep Tissue Massage Therapist at Bodyline Fitness personal Training studio in ealingClaire believes that recovery is an integral part of the training experience, and she can help support this process through deep tissue massage. Claire has experience working with everyone from non-athletes and recreational athletes, to elite athletes in rugby union (New Zealand All Blacks), rugby league (Australia, Brisbane Broncos, New Zealand), and the NFL (Jacksonville Jaguars).

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