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About Us

Bodyline Fitness Personal Training Studio was established in 2003 with Roy Summers taking over ownership in November 2005 and in 2013 Richard Marques was added as a company shareholder.

Roy and Richard work hard together, aiming to grow the business in order to provide the best possible fitness facility as well as working within the business as Personal Trainers themselves.

Richard Marques and Roy Summers, personal trainers at Bodyline Fitness in Ealing

Roy (left) stretching a client after the Ealing Half Marathon and Richard on the barbeque at one of our fitness retreats

In 2016, we have the strongest team of Health Professionals we have ever had, consisting of 12 highly qualified personal trainers, including 3 ex-professional sports people from the world of Squash, Boxing & Athletics.

Our rehabilitation team consists of Lisa Opie and Ben Mcilroy, our resident Osteopath and Physiotherapist respectively, as well as Anna Buckley and Claire Desroches who are our Deep Tissue Massage Therapists.

At our personal training gym in Springbridge Mews, Ealing W5 our personal trainers find out your long term goals & then create a tailored fitness programme designed for your body and needs  working with you for the long term to help you achieve your results.

We love being in Ealing and have tried really hard, over the years, to serve our local community well by sponsoring and supporting as many events as possible that help to promote health and fitness.

We are the only Personal Training Gym in W5 and we cherish our unique position, continually striving to offer our clients the best possible support in their efforts to achieve their health and fitness goals.

Thank you for visiting our website and please feel free to get in touch with any questions you might have; we are always happy to talk health and exercise!

You can give Roy a call on 07921 777477 or email

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