Boxing classes in Ealing

Non-Contact Boxing Training


Boxing training is simply a really great way to get fit, increase your strength, let off some steam and, most importantly, have some fun!

Our non-contact boxing courses are based on the Boxing Awards Courses which are run by Q Shillingford MBE in association with England Boxing and GB Boxing


Boxing classes in Ealing

One of the boxing areas in our Ealing studio


During your boxing training course you will learn:

  • Basic boxing skills
  • Many different punching combinations on the pads
  • Skipping routines
  • Basic boxing footwork
  • Quick and easy bodyweight routines

During these courses you will get :

  • Fitter
  • Stronger
  • Leaner
  • To let off steam
  • To have loads of fun!

boxing training in ealing

The boxing training courses at Bodyline are for all levels of fitness and abilities


 Your Boxing Coaches


 Lee Denton

Lee Denton Boxing classes in Ealing

A personal trainer/boxing coach and experienced boxer, Lee’s sessions are high energy, explosive, fun and enjoyable.
Lee focuses on gaining his clients’ trust and confidence whilst encouraging them with bundles of enthusiasm to help them meet their specific training needs.
Lee has a fantastic working relationship with mentor Q Shillingford MBE, who develops elite boxers for the GB squads as well as working boxing into the community.


 Anna Buckley

Anna Buckley Boxing Coach Ealing

Anna is a Level 2 ABA Coach and has taken part in white collar boxing bouts herself so she can draw on personal experience to get you fitter and stronger as well as teaching you basic and more advanced boxing skills. Anna also specialises in circuit-style sessions involving body weight and kettle bell exercises to help improve overall fitness.


Roy Summers

Boxing classes in Ealing

Roy is a personal trainer and Level 1 ABA boxing coach who enjoys coaching clients who may not have thought about boxing training as a way of getting in shape before. Roy likes to keep his boxing sessions simple and fun for his clients so they can focus on enjoying themselves, allowing everything else to fall into place!


Aston Mount

Aston is an ex-professional boxer so he brings a whole new element to your boxing training sessions. Aston draws on all his experience as a professional boxer to give you workouts that he has gone through himself during his time in the ring.

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I am lucky to have found you guys. Convenient as it is close to home and Dean has been truly inspirational and motivating. I am pretty motivated but he is always there to push me especially during the times when I stopped believing in myself! Also wanted to say that most of the other trainers are nice and there is a good atmosphere in the studio and I feel comfortable training there which is really important to me (and other females too) .

Nicola S.

As a casual runner I have recently been bothered with niggly little injuries which have been really annoying me, but since I have been following Roy’s Running Warm-up Drill I am really happy to say I have been injury free!

Tony, Fund Manager, 39

Yesterday I turned up for my PT session in a rage. Step ups and press ups just weren't cutting it and Roy knew it - so out came the boxing gloves God it felt good - letting off steam AND getting a good workout Thanks Roy, you made it work AND you may well have saved a life!

Karen G.