Our Ealing Personal Trainers

Our Personal Trainers are all highly qualified and experienced in helping clients with general fitness, weight loss and strength gains as well as having their own specialities. If you would like to discuss which personal trainer might suit you best, please call Roy on 07921 777477 or email roy@bodylinestudios.co.uk

In the meantime watch the video below and see what Roy has to say about our team of PTs…………..

Vik Pandya Personal Trainer in Ealing

Vik Pandya has been a Personal Trainer/Coach for 12 years and prides himself on being totally committed and driven to help all his clients achieve their personal training goals. Vik caters to his client’s individual needs, ascertaining what they wish to achieve within specific timescales whilst taking their lifestyle into account. As you can see on his website Vik is trained in Biosignature, Physical Elite Advance Nutrition and also specialises in wedding programmes for brides and grooms.

From Lesley, one of Vik’s clients :

“I’m enjoying my sessions with Vik. He’s exactly the type of trainer I need as it is obvious after only 4 sessions that he will never listen to any of my very long list of excuses as to why I can’t do exercises! He has a positive attitude to my training and the fact that I will see improvements as long as I work with him on the food and cardio too.”

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Eszter Boros Personal Trainer at Bodyline Fitness in Ealing

Eszter Boros is a Reps Level 3 Personal Trainer with experience in bootcamp style group training as well as small group sessions, with special interest in strength training, conditioning, basketball & boxing. Eszter is also very keen to learn more about metabolic type nutrition which is key to find the right balance between good nutrition, exercise and daily pleasures. “I have been overweight once, feeling bad about myself & my body, having no self-confidence whatsoever, until I realised it’s only me who can change that.”

From Agnes, one of Eszter’s clients :
“Eszter is my personal trainer and She is amazing. When I am with her I believe I Can Do It. I get motivation I need, which is really important for me. I can strongly recommend her to everyone who wants to change their lifestyle. (In body and in mind as well).”

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Anna Buckley Deep Tissue Massage Therapist in Ealing

Anna Buckley is a Reps Level 3 Personal Trainer and is also a qualified ABA Boxing coach. Boxing technique and boxing fitness feature heavily in Anna’s sessions and circuit classes. Anna has taken part in White Collar Boxing bouts and is more than capable of showing you some serious boxing moves that will get you fit in no time! Anna can also use kettlebells very effectively to get some great strength gains with her clients. Anna is also Bodyline’s resident Massage Therapist using Deep Tissue, Sports Injury and Rehabilitation techniques.

From Dan, one of Anna’s clients :

“Thanks Anna, I have learnt so much in the last 4 months through the boxing classes and personal training sessions. I really enjoy training, it pushes me all the way. My technique has improved and I feel so much more confident when training against other class participants”.

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Edgar personal trainer ealing

Edgar Kaciucevicius is a Level 3 Personal Trainer and, originally from Lithuania, Edgar comes to us from one of the national gyms where he has gained a huge amount of experience to add to his qualifications. Like all our Trainers, Edgar can work with all types of clients but specialises in Strength & Conditioning and weight lifting training.

From Sean, one of Edgar’s Clients:

“Edgar is truly the best trainer!! Every session I have with Edgar is completely personalised as I was recovering from surgery but also had some mental health difficulties. He has provided me with the knowledge and expert advice on how to be healthy both inside and outside the gym. Beware though as he will push you to your max!! If you are looking for a fun, friendly, professional trainer Edgar is the one!”

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Jon Hudson Personal trainer ealing

Jon Hudson has been a personal trainer for over 13 years, as well as a Boxercise instructor, basketball coach and stand-up paddle board instructor. Jon uses his boxercise experience within his sessions and pad work plays a big role in his training. His clients say that they always enjoy his sessions and that, more importantly, they get results!

From Graham, one of Jon’s Clients :

“I find my weekly sessions not only physically beneficial but mentally as well. I have quite a stressful job and Jon’s sessions really help me keep both mentally and physically fit. I know that, during my weekly hour with Jon I can just focus on me and nothing else!”

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Personal trainer Dean Ash

Dean Ash, originating from South Africa, has more than 25 Years of training behind him, gaining valuable experience by working with a multitude of well recognised & respected sports personalities & celebrities. Dean has used this huge amount of experience to develop a unique and cutting-edge training system /programme allowing his clients to achieve their goals whilst looking good. 

“If you too want to reach your full potential or even compete on a professional level, as I have, then I have all the knowledge and experience to help you.”

From Danni, one of Dean’s clients :

I’ve trained under Dean’s dynamic improvised training system, which was utilised at home, gym, park and hotel room. This demonstrates the versatility of his training programme, this was extremely helpful as it allowed me to squeeze in training schedules in a hectic work schedule as a TV personality. He is very patient and understanding, however do not take this as a weakness! Highly recommend.

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Personal trainer ealing

Caroline Elliot is a Level 4 Strength & Conditioning Coach and Personal Trainer creating bespoke programmes for all her clients individually in such a way that they can actually enjoy their training sessions!

Caroline has worked with several female clients on their bikini bodies preparing them for the competition stage and, outside of work, Caroline is a football coach and a massive Arsenal fan!

From Emma, one of Caroline’s clients:

“Caroline is a brilliant personal trainer! I look forward to my sessions, she is always professional and pushes me to achieve my goals as well as making it fun. I would highly recommend!”

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Personal trainer ealing

Kasia Tieplow is a big fan of resistance training as she believes that it is beneficial for both male and female clients. Kasia incorporates different exercises and techniques to tailor workouts around her client’s needs and abilities.
Her sessions are entertaining and full of laughter but at the same time you will be taken out of your comfort zone and pushed to the limit. Her clients say that the best way to describe her is “she kills you with love!” After your session Kasia will continue to mentor you with regular check-ins and measurements and home workouts, all of which will result in changing your life style habits one day at a time.

“Kasia is the most supportive, passionate, inspiring and loyal personal trainer. She always has such a positive attitude;  in her sessions she gives me the belief and support to push myself further than I ever thought possible. She invests a genuine interest in my goals, providing the necessary physical and emotional support so I can best achieve these.”

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ivo mendes persona trainer ealing

Ivo Mendes is one of our most experienced trainers and has a passion for riding motor bikes as well as being a top class personal trainer! Ivo brings over 12 years experience with him as a highly qualified PT and Sports Massage Therapist whose client requirements range from weight loss to competing in strongman/women competitions.

From Anne, one of Ivo’s clients:

“Ivo is a fantastic personal trainer.  He can focus on any area from core stability to functional strength training. The sessions are tailored to your needs (including in my case, time constraints in training during the week) and are always evolving to keep them fresh and challenging. If you forget something in your program, Ivo is always available to discuss and take you through it again (even remotely). Most importantly, Ivo’s sessions are fun and he cares about his clients! ”

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