Roy Summers Personal Trainer at Bodyline Fitness Ealing

Our Ealing Personal Trainers

Hi, I’m Roy Summers and I own Bodyline Fitness, so a lot of my time is spent running the business and making sure that all the Trainers on this page are nice & busy with clients. I’m very proud to say that Bodyline is now in its 14th year and the group of fitness professionals we have on this page is the best it’s ever been, so you will be in safe hands whoever you decide to train with!  
You may well see me around the gym during your session, working with my clients, so please do come and say Hi.

All our Personal Trainers are all highly qualified and experienced in helping clients with general fitness, weight loss and strength gains. If you would like to discuss which personal trainer might suit you best, please call me on 07921 777477 or email

Jon Hudson has been a personal trainer for over 13 years, as well as a Boxercise instructor, basketball coach and stand-up paddle board instructor. Jon uses his boxercise experience within his sessions and pad work plays a big role in his training. His clients say that they always enjoy his sessions and that, more importantly, they get results!

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Richard Marques is a qualified Boxercise Instructor as well as a Martial Arts Teacher. Richard incorporates both these elements within his personal training sessions and normally focuses on bodyweight and functional exercises. Richard also specialises in pre and post natal training, helping clients keep fit & strong during their pregnancies and then getting back into shape afterwards

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Tony Welford is our HIIT specialist. High Intensity Interval Training is a great way to lose Body Fat, increase strength and overall fitness. Tony loves to train clients using this method; involving free weights and body weight exercises.

Anna Buckley Deep Tissue Massage Therapist in Ealing

Anna Buckley is a Reps Level 3 Personal Trainer and is also a qualified ABA Boxing coach. Boxing technique and boxing fitness feature heavily in Anna’s sessions and circuit classes. Anna has taken part in White Collar Boxing bouts and is more than capable of showing you some serious boxing moves that will get you fit in no time! Anna can also use kettlebells very effectively to get some great strength gains with her clients. Anna is also Bodyline’s resident Massage Therapist using Deep Tissue, Sports Injury and Rehabilitation techniques.

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Vik Pandya Personal Trainer in Ealing

Vik Pandya has been a Personal Trainer/Coach for 12 years and prides himself on being totally committed and driven to help all his clients achieve their personal training goals. Vik caters to his client’s individual needs, ascertaining what they wish to achieve within specific timescales whilst taking their lifestyle into account. As you can see on his website Vik is trained in Biosignature, Physical Elite Advance Nutrition and also specialises in wedding programmes for brides and grooms.

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Eszter Boros Personal Trainer at Bodyline Fitness in Ealing

Eszter Boros is a Reps Level 3 Personal Trainer with experience in bootcamp style group training as well as  small group sessions, with special interest in strength training, conditioning, basketball & boxing. Eszter is also very keen to learn more about metabolic type nutrition which is key to find the right balance between good nutrition, exercise and daily pleasures. “I have been overweight once, feeling bad about myself & my body, having no self-confidence whatsoever, until I realised it’s only me who can change that, so I did. 

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Ben Mcilroy Personal trainer at Bodyline fitness ealing




Ben Mcillroy is a Strength & Conditioning Coach and Injury Rehabilitation Specialist. He has previously worked with international athletes in Athletics, England Rugby, Netball and U21 Football teams. Ben is a firm believer in making the body efficient and teaching his clients how to best understand the movements required in their training. He is also a nutrition advisor to Internationally renowned martial artists and bodybuilders for the final preparation phase of their competitions, ensuring that they look in their best possible condition on stage or in the ring.  Ben also runs Root 65 , a company producing deliciously healthy, plant-based meals.

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Claire Desroches Personal trainer at bodyline fitness ealing




Claire Desroches is a National Strength & Conditioning Association-Certified Personal Trainer, massage therapist, and sports nutritionist. Emphasising a body-positive approach, her aim is to make fitness, health & well-being accessible to all. Claire has experience training in various martial arts as well as all aspects of strength and cardiovascular training.

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Aston Mount personal trainer at bodyline fitness ealing




Aston Mount, as well as being a fully qualified Personal Trainer, is a Professional Boxer and he uses all his boxing knowledge to train his clients, both male and female, into great shape. Boxing training is a fantastic way to get really fit and it’s great fun too! The best thing is Aston never hits you, but you can hit him!

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Christine, personal trainer at Bodyline fitness ealing

Christine Hartigan, or Krissy, really does practice what she preaches as she runs incredibly competitive times for marathons and half marathons as well taking part in cross-fit competitons and, if that wasn’t enough Krissy also competes in fitness model competitions. Krissy will get you fit, strong and feeling healthy in no time and you’ll be hard pushed to find a more committed personal trainer!


Dean Ash Personal Trainer at Bodyline Fitness Ealing




Dean Ash, originating from South Africa, has more than 25 Years of training behind him, gaining valuable experience by working with a multitude of well recognised & respected sports personalities & celebrities. Dean has used this huge amount of experience to develop a unique and cutting-edge training system /programme allowing his clients to achieve their goals whilst looking good. From Dean : “I’ve worked with many celebrities and actors, helping them to prepare for acting roles and gigs as well as dancers and fighters of all backgrounds. In addition I also work with many competitive Bodybuilders, both male and female, in order to ensure they are at their peak before stepping onto the competition stage.”

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Nick Webb Personal Trainer at Bodyline Fitness Ealing
Nick Webb is a certified personal trainer and strength coach with over a decade of experience in the fitness industry and he specialises in getting his clients to shape up in the shortest period of time using the most efficient training and dieting strategies. “Under my supervision, the odds of achieving success shift dramatically in your favour and will guarantee that you not only attain your goals, but achieve them safely, steadily and consistently.”
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