Our Coronavirus Policy


The reality of the current situation is that we are all having to get used to living and working with Covid-19  so we want to re-assure you, as our clients at the studio, that we now have certain procedures in place to keep you, and us, safe and comfortable in our working environment.

Social Distancing

  • Where at all possible we will implement 2 mtr social distancing within the clinic and where this is not possible proper measures will be taken to keep any transmission risk to an absolute minimum.


  • Our trainers will wear the necessary and appropriate face coverings during any and all treatments if required to do so by you as their client. All trainers will, of course, wash their hands thoroughly before and after any and all treatments.
  • Surgical gloves are available at the studio for both trainers and clients to wear during a session, and these can be disposed of immediately after that session has finished.


  • All trainers will wash their hand thoroughly before and after every session/treatment and use anti-bacterial hand gels as necessary during any sessions/treatments. We would also ask you, as our client, to wash your hands on arrival and after your session/treatment just before you leave the premises.

Personal Training Sessions

  • We guarantee that only 3 personal training sessions at a time will take place in the gym in order that we can practice social distancing.
  • To that effect we will aim to reduce back-to-back personal training sessions and all sessions will have a minimum of 15 mins between them as this will give plenty of time for one client to leave before another arrives.
  • During this 15 min period the personal trainer will clean, with disinfectant spray, any and all equipment used during the previous session and also go around the studio spraying and cleaning surfaces, sink taps and door handles etc as necessary.

General Cleaning

  • As well as the thorough cleaning taking place in between each session, the gym is cleaned, in full, three times each and every week, with specially ordered sanitiser to help protect against covid-19.
  • At the end and beginning of each day one of our team will also spray every room, using a portable hand pump, with a chemically advanced sanitiser that works on all surfaces including material and fabrics, killing and removing germs, continuing to do so once dry.

If you have any concerns at all or require any further information please do not hesitate to call Jon Hudson on 07976 588167 or drop us an email