12 Days of Christmas Fitness

Five Tips to staying fit and healthy in December

Ok, so 2017 is just around the corner and January will bring plenty of opportunities for your New Year resolutions.

But, maybe you should start, or carry on with, your fitness regime now?

Normally, fitness is the last thing on people’s minds at this time of year but take a minute to think about it:

  • You have some time off work and therefore more free time than usual
  • After a few days of being indoors and eating, your body should actually crave some activity
  • You may need to “escape” for an hour or two at various points during the holiday season!
  • If you exercise now then you can be ahead of the game come January and it wont feel like such an effort

So, we give you the 12 days of Bodyline Fitness

Follow our 12 day plan and hit the ground running (literally) come January. We are starting on Friday 23rd December but you can join in at any point!

Day 1 : Hit the Gym : 30mins

Day 2 : Get up early and go for a short jog or a brisk walk : 20 mins

Day 3 : It’s Christmas Day, take the day off!

Day 4 : It’s Boxing Day, so get out for a long walk with family and friends

Day 5 : Do the Bodyline Home Xmas Workout: (it will take 5 mins, or 15 mins if you do it three times)

Day 6:  Take another long walk or short jog/run

Day 7 : You might be back at work, so go for a swim or pick an exercise class at the gym before/after work

Day 8 : Go to the gym on the way home from work or do the Bodyline Xmas Workout if you are at home

Day 9 : It’s New Years Eve so you really need to burn some calories off before tonight! It has to be a jog or a brisk walk, find a hill to walk up for extra calorie burn!

Day 10 : It’s New Year’s Day so an afternoon walk with friends and family is a must

Day 11 : It’s a bank holiday so you can either go to the gym, do a class or try the Bodyline Xmas Workout for the last time

Day 12 : You’re probably back at work, so get up a bit earlier and go to the gym, swim, run or do a fitness class, just be active.

You did it!

You are now officially ahead of everyone else who stayed on the sofa over Christmas. 

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