Bus Drivers and Astronauts

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What do you think bus drivers and astronauts have in common and what on earth do they have to do with health and fitness??

Beginning back in the  1950s  researchers discovered that bus drivers who spend most of their days sitting down were much more prone to heart attacks than their conductor colleagues. The impact that lifestyle had on them was similar to the weightlessness effect experienced by astronauts that resulted in accelerated bone and muscle loss and ageing.

Now, we can safely assume that the average astronaut is fitter than the average bus driver, indeed they are probably fitter than the average person whatever their profession! This is, of course, because of the rigorous exercise regime astronuats go through so that they can do their job more effectively.



Read more about why we should sit less via the NHS website


So, whether you sit down for your job or are on your feet all day you should add in 3-4 hours each and every week of structured exercise and, of course, a personal trainer can help you with that!


Sitting at your desk for too long can cause lower back problems as well as other health issues



Are you ready for a personal trainer?

We all know how important role exercise plays in our life. According to NHS, the sedentary lifestyle most of us live nowadays is destroying our health, mainly by slowing down our metabolism that in turn leads to obesity, type 2 diabetes, some types of cancer and even early death!

Not to mention how it affects our posture, very often causing lower back and neck pain. Knowing all the risks, however, many of us still seem to struggle to prioritise their fitness and commit to an exercise schedule and stick to it on a regular basis.


Why do I need a personal trainer?


The reasons for hiring a personal trainer vary from person to person and so does the motivation for exercise. For some it might be the desire to achieve that perfect bikini body for summer holidays or continue to enjoy the sport they love to play. For others it might be just to be able to lift that heavy shopping bag without hurting their back or to be able to go for long walks in countryside.

Whatever it might be that starts you off, a good personal trainer will help you make it happen and ensure that you keep at it!

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A Personal Trainer will make sure you perform your exercises correctly so that you avoid injury and maximise results


What will a personal trainer do?

-make sure you perform correct posture and technique so that you do not get an injury, in addition to not achieving your goals,

– come up with a customised exercise plan that will utilise your strengths and enhance weaknesses, that would help achieve your fitness goals in the shortest possible time. It is actually time – saving and cost saving to consult a specialist who has knowledge and experience to help you.

-assess your current state of health and identify the areas that require improvement (mobility issues, posture etc).

– motivate you and make sure you do not skip your training for silly excuses. Many people need someone to be accountable to.

– help you with your nutrition. You should bear in mind that it is not possible to out exercise a bad diet. If training and nutrition do not go hand in hand, then the chances of you achieving your goals are very slim

– be your buddy. What can be better than regular meetings with someone who cares about your health and wellbeing and helps you keep fit and happy? Apart from the fitness training, you will also get someone to chat with, which some people find as a therapeutic effect on them that helps them feel better about themselves.


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