Are you hitting your goals?

As we head into the new Spring season we are, well and truly, leaving behind our New Year Resolutions and it could well be time to review how your health and fitness is going so far and if you are hitting your goals from the New Year.

Rather obviously, before you can hit your goal you have to one in the first place! So your first step should be to identify your health & fitness goal and this is where you really have to think about it.

Is your goal specific to you or have you got it from reading too much on social media about what shape or size you should be?

When choosing your goal I think you should make really sure that it is “your goal” and not somebody else’s that you have read about in a magazine or seen online. Your goal has to really mean something to you or else you simply wont achieve it.

Do you have several goals? Focus on your one, main goal if you want to be succesful.

Don’t set too many goals at once; far better to set one at a time and focus on that and this may well lead to you achieving your next goal along the way. For example, if your goal is to lose 5kg but you find dieting really hard, but you enjoy running then focus on the running bit first and maybe even set a date for a 5k run. As you train for this 5k run then you may well find that the weight loss “just happens” along the way.

Are you hitting your goals?

Set a specific target, aim for it, be determind and you will achieve it


Be prepared for occasional set backs. Whilst you are on the journey towards your goal life will get in the way; there will be a celebration, a family event or a sponteaneus night out, so decide beforehand, if you are going to indulge or not. If not, great. If yes, also great.

Make your decision, own it, go out, eat, drink and be merry and then move on with the rest of the journey; one night out does not mean you have come off the rails, it just means that you have to work a bit harder that week.

Are you hitting your goals?

If you have a night out occasionally it won’t derail your efforts. Only occasionally mind you!

So, in summary:

  • Think really hard about what it is that you want to achieve
  • Write your goal down and “own it”
  • Initally, just aim for the one goal and not several, focus on the main goal and see if the secondary goals happen along the way.
  • Set a time period in which to achieve your goal, but build in some wiggle room incase you need to ” come off the straight and narrow” once or twice.

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