3 Compound Exercises to Get You in Shape

In this post we are highlighting three great Compound Exercises to help get you in great shape! Compound Exercises are designed to utilise several muscle groups within the same movement and as such, help to improve muscle strength and shape as well as increasing calories burnt.

There are many compound exercises and the ones we are looking at in this post are Press Ups, Pull Ups and Deadlifts as these compound exercises cover all the major muscle groups.

CompoundPicMonkey Collage


I have written this post via our regular column on the Idle Man Website  so please click through on the link below, and remember, these exercises apply to men and women equally so if you’re not an Idle Man you can still do them!

For the full post, with videos demonstrating the 3 compound exercises we have chosen simply click through here

Please let me know how you get on with these 3 exercises and if you have any other favourites. As always you can get in touch via the comments section below or email me at roy@bodylinestudios.co.uk


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