3 Signs You Need to Invest in Exercise

Are you stressed at work?

Every time we take a new client consultation at Bodyline one of the questions we ask is “What’s made you decide to think about having a Personal Trainer and why now?”

There are, of course, several different answers and in this article I am going to avoid the, perhaps, obvious answers of “weight loss” or “to get fitter”. These answers are, of course, perfectly valid but here I am going to look at three different answers that you may not immediately associate with the need to exercise.

So, here we go then………..

Let’s look at 3 reasons why it might be time for you to invest in your body and start to get some regular exercise……….



stress at work is a sure sign you need to exercise regularly

Stress can come in different forms and these days stress levels at work can be extremely high due to more and more demands that are put upon us, not only when we are actually at work but when we have to “take work home with us” and work into the evenings and at weekends.

One of the best ways to reduce stress levels is to exercise on a regular basis. Exercise releases hormones in the body called endorphins which help to relieve pains and stress and leave you feeling more relaxed and help move you towards a more positive mood.

So, the more you can exercise, the more energised you will be for your time at work which should mean you can get more done and work in a more efficient manor. This could be a double whammy, in that the more you achieve during the day, the less work you will have to do at home which means more time for exercise!




Do you suffer with a bad back or maybe your knees hurt when you walk up or down stairs? There could be other symptoms of course, these are just two examples of niggling little injuries which can occur when you are leading a sedantry life style. For relieving general aches and pains, things like Yoga or Pilates can really help to strengthen and stretch the body, taking away tightness in the muscles and increasing strength in weak muscle groups.

Increasing your exercise levels can, of course, help reduce body weight which, in turn can help reduce injury by reducing physical stress on your bones, joints and muscles.

The right kind of strength training can also help to improve your posture, which, again, takes strain off the whole body, giving you more chance to be, and stay, injury free.




Do you get enough sleep? Bodyline Fitness personal training ealing

Not sleeping well can be down to stress levels, either at work (refer back to heading number one) or at home as well as other factors of course. A good’s night sleep is crucial if you are to achieve everything you need to achieve in your day and regular exercise can help with this by reducing blood pressure and resting heart rate to allow for a restful night.

Exercising after work will also make you tired, but in a good way so that you are not simply tired through too much work, but tired from your exercise in a much more calm and rested way.

Aim to finish work a little earlier at least twice a week and then take some exercise directly after work so that you can get home and relax with some food and some chill time before bed. Remember it’s OK to be tired but aim for a “good tired” not a “stressed-out, agitated tired”.

Has anything we’ve highlighted in this post struck a chord with you? As always, we would love to get your views. Would you like to change your current routine and introduce regular exercise into your week or maybe you are already exercising but need some inspiration to liven things up a bit?


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