5 Tips to Staying Fit This December

Five Tips to staying fit and healthy in December

Like it or not folks, Christmas, will soon be upon us so in this week’s post we give you five top tips to get you through the month, the office party and Christmas itself!

  1. Keep Active

You may not be able to get to the gym or do your favourite exercise class for a few days but that’s no excuse not to exercise.

It could be a good time to get out of the house occasionally and go for a power walk or maybe even a little run?

If you don’t fancy getting out on your own, at this time of year you will more than likely have friends or family over so here is a great opportunity to get out for a walk and socialise at the same time.

If you are working in between Christmas and New Year then take this opportunity to get off the bus one or two stops before you normally do and walk it instead and try taking the stairs instead of the lift or escalators. Take advantage of a quieter office and go for a walk at lunchtimes, this will clear your mind as well, making you work more effectively.

Take a quick look at our “Christmas Fitness Video” and try it out once or twice a week next month and especially between Christmas and New Year when you might not be able to get to the gym as often as normal.

  1. Don’t Drink to Excess

This may sound like an obvious one but drinking a lot of alcohol is just using up a bundle of calories! A glass of wine can be up to 350 calories and the sugar content alone can really affect your weight and health.

As and when you do go out for a drink aim to drink a pint of water beforehand, drink some more water throughout your evening and then finish with a big glass of water when you come home.

If you are not drinking on a night out, be careful what alternatives you have as a lot of soft drinks will contain sugar.

If you are out on a boozy night, aim to match every alcoholic drink with a glass of water to help keep you hydrated and help flush the alcohol through your system and make the last round a non-alcoholic one and go for that glass of water instead!

Be the designated driver for at least one of your night’s out.

  1. Plan

If you have a party to go to in the evening then aim to take some exercise during the day so you can, at least, get some calories burned off beforehand!

Also, look to eat really well on the day of a party so that you have filled up on healthy food, taking in plenty of vegetables and protein.

Factor in at least 2 consecutive days, during the holiday period, without alcohol so that your body has a chance to recover and to give your liver a rest!

On the days that you don’t drink plan in some exercise as well. Again, this could just be a vigorous walk with friends or better still a little run. Whatever it is, plan it in and write in on your calendar as a healthy day

  1. Get Ahead of the Game

The New Year always brings big plans and resolutions to get fit and healthy so why not get ahead of the game this year?

Start to increase your exercise levels, now, in December, so that you can already be underway come January.

Don’t wait until the second week in January to start your exercise regime, when you have eaten the last bits of cheese or chocolates. Get out there in December and especially in the week between Christmas and New Year.

Why not ask your nearest and dearest for personal training vouchers for Christmas? This way you can be sure that your exercise regime for the new year is going to be effective and long lasting.

Having personal training sessions will also give you the knowledge you need to exercise effectively on your own ensuring you can get the best of any sessions you do without your personal trainer

  1. Eat Your Greens (and other Veg)

It’s Christmas time that can only mean brussel sprouts! Sprouts are a great source of vitamins as our other veg such as Kale and Cauliflower.

Load up on vegetables on your Christmas dinner plate and then use them again throughout the week with bubble and squeak, for example.

Buy more vegetables for the Christmas period than you think you will need and only buy the minimum amount of meat.

Look up some interesting vegetarian recipes online so you can come up with some healthy alternatives instead of just using up the turkey and ham.


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