So, at last the Summer seems to have arrived and we can start thinking about our lovely summer holidays! Can’t we?

Wherever you are heading this year it’s important to try and maintain some level of exercise especially if you have been working hard all year round to keep in shape; two weeks of eating and drinking can do a lot of damage!

I have written a few articles on keeping fit whilst on holiday and I genuinely believe that being on holiday actually gives you more time to exercise than normal. You’re not rushing around trying to fit it in around work and family stuff and you should, hopefully, be more relaxed and have a bit more time on your hands.

Swimming is a great way to keep fit whilst on your summer holiday

What better way to keep fit on holiday than with a swim?

If you are going abroad then you will probably have some sunshine and a pool so there is a ready-made option for you there! You could get into an early morning routine of a swim before breakfast or, if you’d prefer, take a later swim before dinner.

If, like me, you’re not much of a swimmer then pack your running shoes and head out for a morning jog or again, a bit later if that fits your routine a little better. It doesn’t have to be a big long run and even a brisk walk along the beach could well do the trick so do what you can in the time you have available.

Healthy Body, Healthy MInd!

Get the kids involved as well!

There is always the hotel gym of course but you might prefer to head outside into the fresh air whether you are holidaying in England or abroad.

For Christmas (sorry!) last year we published a short, 3 minute workout that could be done really quickly and as I watching it again I thought it would also work quite well as a workout to do whilst you are away this summer.

The video is shown below and it takes you through several exercises that can be done in a small area and covers the whole body, taking just 3 mins to complete so even if you repeat it 2 or 3 times round it’s not going to take up too much time.

So, whilst you are away this summer why not try to fit in some regular exercise into your daily routine?

You can still enjoy the traditional holiday treats and not feel so guilty about it! Also, when you come back home to reality you wont feel like you have to start all over again with your exercise.

I would love to hear from you if you have any holiday exercise routines that work for you and if you don’t now could be the time to find one!

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