How was 2015 For you?

By 21 December 2015Latest

A wide ranging question, but i am just going to focus on your health and fitness for the purposes of this short and sweet blog post!

Did this year turn out as you wanted it to?

What were you exercise goals for 2015?


Did you finally run that 5k race or improve your time?

Did you get into the shape you wanted and feel amazing on your special occasion?

Did you reduce your body fat or do you just feel fitter than this time last year?

There are so many ways of assessing your success when it comes to your health and fitness and, as a new year comes around, there will be plenty of time to set up some more targets for yourself for the coming year ahead.

So, ask yourself 3 questions before you set your health and fitness goals for 2016:


1. Do I really want to do it?

If you really want to achieve it, whatever it is, then the answer has to be Yes


2. Who can I get to help me do it?

Improve your chances of success by getting a friend to join you in your journey or, dare I say it, even hire a personal trainer!


3. Will I have fun along the way?

You must! If it’s not fun you probably won’t carry on with it.


Look out for our new e-book in January where we will help you plan out your health and fitness goals for 2016 and help you make this a year to enjoy whilst getting in the shape you want.

In the meantime have a good break and don’t forget to download our 5 tips to staying fit over over christmas¬†and stick it on your fridge door!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

did you achieve your exercise goals in 2015?




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