An old post from 2014 but it has come up again this week and is still very relevant……….

” But I only lost 1lb this week” is something I hear quite regularly from my clients and having had a client say this to me once again this week I thought it would be a good time to set the record straight very quickly and succinctly!

It’s not about losing weight it is about losing fat!

aim to lose 1lb a week for most effective weight loss

If you are eating well and exercising regularly then your body fat will reduce and if it reduces gradually then it is much more likely that you will keep reducing it until eventually you can maintain a healthy body fat level.

The simple facts are that we should concentrate more on losing body fat and increasing muscle mass and let the “weight thing” take care of itself.

Focus on working the large muscle groups more often: Legs, Chest and Back twice a week in the gym or at home and eat as well as you can by cutting out/down on bread and reducing sugar intake. Follow these simple steps and your body fat will reduce and then, hey presto!

Also, forget using BMI as an indicator as it takes into no account what your muscle mass is. ┬áSo, using the BMI method a heavyweight boxer who could well weigh 17 stone would come out as obese because BMI doesn’t account for how much muscle that boxer has.

Short and sweet but I think you get the point.

So, think fat loss, not weight loss


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