New Year, New Challenge

You dont need to do an hour in the gym every time

This New Year, one of our clients, Hannah, has decided to embark on a serious health and fitness project for herself, along with Tony, her Bodyline Personal Trainer. We will be following her journey and checking in with her from time-to-time; here is her first blog post……..

On New Year’s Eve I sat around my wonderful friend’s table, glugging back the wine and eating what I wanted.  When I left her house at a very sober 1 a.m. I realised I had had enough of tipping whatever I wanted to into my system.  I felt rather disgusted with myself and health-wise, I was coughing, overweight, generally quite ‘panty’ and burnt out.

Hannah relaxes after a tough session on the treadmill

Hannah relaxes after a tough session on the treadmill

For the last few months I have pretty much drunk, smoked and eaten what I wanted to.  Working in the restaurant industry, socialising can be wonderful but also relentless.

I had lost the ability to say no, feel hungry and not freak out, avoid bad things like bread and wine.  I decided that I wanted to try and find a way to diet but still eat the food that I love, which I why I decided to try the 5:2.

I have not started it straight off the bat.  I weaned myself onto it in the first few days of 2014, not eating bread and generally eating more ‘rainbow’ food such as a piece of poached salmon with veg, or a hearty soup, or some fish with lovely greens and a salad.  Yesterday was my first official ‘fast’ day;  you do these twice a week and the rest of the time you can eat what you like.  On fast days you are only allowed to eat 500 calories (600 for a man).

So far, so good.  Yesterday had its hard bits, where I found myself not appeased by the big glass of water I glugged when the gnawing hunger pangs arrived.  But I busied myself with various chores and tasks.  I also treated myself to a massage, which not only killed an hour but made me feel light and ‘body conscious’.

I went to bed hungry but full of energy and positivity.  I didn’t sleep as deeply as I normally would but let’s see how further fast days go.

I am coupling the 5:2 diet with twice weekly visits to Bodyline Studios for a session with Tony.

Wish me luck!

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