Stop Doing These 3 Exercises Right Now

If you are regularly working out in the gym then, first of all, well done, however just make sure you are not doing any of these three exercises…

First one : Crunches

I am now seeing a “30 day Ab Challenge” more and more on social media these days and I have had several clients ask me about doing it to which I have said a big “No!”

Doing loads of Ab crunches will not get you a flat stomach or a six-pack, you need to burn body fat to help achieve this, but doing lots of crunches will give you a bad lower back and tighten up your hip flexors.

Heavy on the lower back!

Alternatives : Pilates based exercises, Core Exercises such as Plank, Supermans or Leg Lowers


Second One: Seated Inner/Outer Thigh Machine

This is a very popular machine based on the idea that it “tones” the inner and outer thighs but because this machine only works these small muscle groups in isolation then the effect is minimal.

Alternatives: Walking Lunges with dumbells, Step-Back Lunges or Step-Ups. These compound exercises will work your inner/outer thighs whilst also working lower body as a whole ie, thighs, glutes and calves.

Client training at Bodyline Fitness Club Ealing

Much more effective for inner and outer thighs


Third One: Smiths Machine

When using the smiths machine whether it be for upper or lower body, the machine is helping you by guiding you through the movement therefore giving you a “false impression” of how much weight your can push/press/squat. The smiths machine also does the stabilising job of your core for you, so your core muscles “switch off ” whilst lifting which can easily lead to injury


Alternatives : Basically perform the same exercises but without the machine; squat with a bar or  bench press with dumbells. Performing the exercises with free weights and bars mean that you will be lifting a safe weight and you have more chance of engaging your core muscles correctly.

Much more effective than a Smiths machine

Much more effective than a Smiths machine

Have you found yourself doing any of these exercises at the gym? If you would like a detailed 1-2-1 consultation free of charge get in touch and we can arrange a telephone consultation or you can drop into our studio where we can look at these alternative exercises in more detail.





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