Training for a Half Marathon: Gym Work

By 24 May 2016Latest, Running

In order to train effectively for a half marathon, or indeed, for any race distance you need to prepare your body correctly before clocking up too many miles on the road.

When you run, planting your foot down with each stride means that something along the lines of 3-5 times your body weight goes through your foot and up into your body, so it’s really important to spend time in the gym preparing your body for this!

So, what exercises should you be doing in the gym to improve your running? In this post we are going to look at Upper Body exercises which you should definitely be doing:

Upper Body exercises are important for running as this area needs to be strong to help maintain good posture as you run. Good posture is important whilst running, especially if you start to get tired towards the end of your run as good posture will put less stress on the rest of your body and allow you to take in more oxygen. So, try this routine:

Single Arm Row on Cable Machine/Press Ups 3 x 12 each

Upright Row with bar/ Rear Delt Raises with Dumbells 3 x 12 each

Standing Shoulder Press with Dumbells/Lateral Raises with Dumbells 3 x 12 each

Some Key Points:

  • Begin your training schedule with one visit per week to the gym and make sure you continue with these sessions throughout your training programme.
  • In order to progress your strength gains you can introduce more challenging exercises as you go through your schedule.
  • If you keep to the same exercises then increase the weights you use. Bear in mind you should aim to increase the weights you use by approx 10% every week.

If you would like a personalised upper body programme please contact meĀ and we can arrange to book you in for a free consultation

In the next post we will look at exercises for the Lower Body, followed by a post on Core Exercises but in the meantime, happy running!


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