3 Great Ab Exercises without a Sit-Up in Sight

By 3 December 2014Core Exercises, Latest
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In recent posts we have looked at several exercises that we shouldn’t do and some that we should do.

Well, today we are getting very specific and looking at just three exercises for your Abdominals and the beauty of these exercises is that they will also strengthen your lower back (and in exercises 1 and 2, your shoulders as well).

To make life even easier for you we are showing you these exercises in 3 short video clips so you can try them anywhere and never forget what you are meant to be doing!


1. Ball Rollouts



2. Swiss Ball Knee Tucks



3. Leg Lowers


Aim to do 3 sets of each exercise with 12-15 reps in each set, making sure you rest for 30-45 secs in-between each set. Try these 3 exercises 2-3 times a week for 4 weeks and let me know your results. As always your feedback is not only welcome but positively encouraged!

The usual contact details apply : roy@bodylinestudios.uk or better still, leave a comment on the post itself. When you’ve taken an inch of your waist this month you’ll be desperate to share the news!


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