Sugar: You’re Fired!

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Sugar and diabetes

I originally posted this artcile two years ago now but everything in it, and the BBC news article, is still very much relevant today so when I re-read it I thought it would be worth posting again. On this day back in November 2014 I had a triple hit of sugar, as it were………..

Firstly,  I read this very interesting piece from the BBC News website  on the call to banish fruit juice from the recommended 5-a-day. The first part of this report looks at how parents are, sometimes, confused over whether giving their children fruit juice is a good idea or not and it was found that some fruit juices may contain at least six teaspoons of sugar! Clearly unsweetened fruit juice can be be given as an occasional treat but the safest and best way forward is water!

How much added sugar is in your carton of juice?

How much added sugar?


Secondly, only 15 mins after reading this article on the bus I sat down on the tube next to a man with his young son (maybe 5 years old) ; the man was drinking a large can of a branded energy drink and his son was drinking a 300ml carton of a branded fruit juice which contains approx 30grams of sugar. Now, whilst there may be conflicting thoughts on exactly how much is a safe amount of sugar to consume on a daily basis there is no doubt that 30 grams of sugar in one go , for that little boy, was a big hit. Let’s not even think about tooth decay and heart disease!

Thirdly, whilst I was queuing up to pay at a local branch of a national chain I have, in front of me, rows and rows of chocolate bars and packets of crisps under a label ” Handy to Have” (before you ask I was buying fruit). Why are chocolate bars handy to have? I despair! I contacted the store via social media and, to be fair to them, they responded by saying they would pass on my comments to their management team. Maybe they will, maybe they wont.

My point is surely shops could place fruit on those shelves by the tills instead of chocolate bars and crisps? Ok, I know if someone wants to buy a bar of chocolate they will,  but can’t we try to keep them out of temptation’s way and replace them with fruit or carrot sticks/cucumber/healthy dips/salads; the list goes on…….


Healthy Snacks

More of this on shop shelves next to the tills and less chocolate might be nice


So, it has been a sugar-fuelled day and i felt I needed to share my experiences with you all, so please think again before you reach for that bar of chocolate, as you queue up to pay for shopping, and if you are a parent please please please cut back (or even cut out completely) on giving your children fruit juice and give them water instead.

Please let me know if you have managed to make any positive changes in your eating habits recently and not just around sugar consumption. I would welcome your stories: you can get in touch via email or leave a comment below.

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  • Helen says:

    YES, Roy! SO GLAD you wrote this one! Sugar is making us all so ill. It fires up and stressed the pancreas because we need insulin to metabolise it. It acidifies our bodies, confuses our immune systems and feeds cancer cells if we have any. Just eliminate it! Don’t go there. We don’t need it – AT ALL! Eat veg, more veg, again veg, then perhaps some veg or occasionally a bit of fruit, instead. NO SUGAR!!!!

  • Jan Moorhouse says:

    Tim Lang sent me this infographic that shows how much more we’re eating – and it’s meat and sugar that are the foods that account for much of the increase in calories across many countries.Based on FAO data.

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